8 Tips on Optimizing Google My Business with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is essential to your business’s growth.

There’s a reason it’s one—if not the—most popular digital analytics software available. It’s a free service that lets you gather and analyze in-depth detail about who visits your website.

Using Google Analytics in combination with tools such as Google My Business will help you shape the strategy that leads to business success. Regardless of your type of business, you must understand and study the habits of the people who visit your site to deliver better results. 

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of using Google Analytics, what to avoid, and how to correctly optimize your Google My Business listing to the fullest.

Benefits of Google Analytics Paired With Google My Business

You should always strive to think like your target audience. However, pretending can only go so far. This is where analytics come in to show you who your audience is and how they react to your content. 

Google Analytics provides reports that can be broken down into smaller, custom made reports. With this data, you can have a crystal clear picture of who visits your website, how they got there, and how they interacted—or didn’t interact—with your content.

You’ll know if they visited your site to immediately leave or if they visited many times through different traffic channels. The most beneficial metric? You can track whether they took the action you wanted them to take—also known as the conversion. Whether it’s a purchase, download, or a form fill, you have to track your conversion goal.

Google My Business (GMB) is a powerful tool in itself. But being able to filter the traffic that moves from your GMB listing to your website is a game-changer.

When you connect the two, you can view the correct traffic coming from GMB in Google Analytics, which gives you the ability to track how successful your GMB efforts are. 

Being in tune with the ins and outs of this data allows you to adapt quickly if needed. From there, you can choose whether to adjust your GMB listing or your website.

How to Fully Optimize Your Google My Business Listing for SEO

Remember, GMB is included in Google’s organic search. Optimizing your GMB listing is essential to your marketing strategy.

Here are ways eight tips for optimizing your Google My Business listing for better search engine results.

1. Don’t Leave Anything to Be Assumed

If nothing else, make sure your GMB listing is filled out completely.

Businesses offering the most detailed and accurate information are favored in local search results. Don’t leave your prospects guessing—make sure your listing communicates what your business does, where it is, and how they can get in touch with you.  

2. Keep Your Operating Hours Accurate

What’s the point in entering your business hours if they’re not accurate? Most people check business hours before choosing to venture out to buy something. If they think you’re open—make an effort to visit your store—and find you closed, it’s not good news for you.

Any time you change your business hours, it’s essential to update your listing as well. Google offers a feature that allows you to customize hours for special events and holidays. Use this to your advantage and keep your target audience happy. 

3. Add Photos

Don’t underestimate the power of photos when it comes to your listing’s performance. 

Businesses with photos on their GMB listings receive 42% more requests for driving directions on Google Maps. They also receive 35% more click-throughs to their business websites than listings without photos. 

4. Include Keywords

Traditional SEO applies to GMB listings just as it does to websites. 

Google uses keywords and search phrases to serve search results. So doing your research and adding optimized keywords to your listing will be incredibly beneficial in upping your SEO ranking—especially since your website is listed within your GMB listing.

5. Pay Attention and Respond to Customer Reviews

Successful businesses acknowledge their customers and value the feedback they receive from online reviews. 

Positive reviews and interaction on your part will have a positive effect on potential customers as they research your business. They will also increase your search result visibility. 

Get creative when asking for feedback. You can encourage happy customers to leave reviews by creating a link they can click to review your business. Use this link on your website, in correspondence with customers, and even in your business email signatures.

6. Implement the Booking Button Feature

If you really want your business to stand out from the competition, explore using Google’s Booking button feature. This feature allows customers to book appointments directly from your GMB listing if you use integrated scheduling software. 

Using this feature can make it super easy to get new customers, considering they don’t have to navigate away from Google to book an appointment with your business. If you’re using one of Google’s supported scheduling providers, this button will automatically show on your listening.

7. Provide a Menu of Services

The Services list in Google My Business is a great addition if you sell services like a hair salon, spa, restaurant, bar, and other businesses with a “menu of services.” Using this feature, you can categorize and list out all of your services (or menu items) and prices. This gives potential customers the ability to see what you have to offer easily. 

8. Track GMB Success in Google Analytics

Finally, optimize your Google My Business listing by tracking its success with Google Analytics. Without filtering your traffic in your Google Analytics dashboard, you have no way to attribute traffic and sales to your GMB efforts.

To do this, identify the pages you want to drive traffic to and track. Depending on how your website and business are structured, you’ll most likely drive users to pages such as your homepage or your contact page. Then, create a modified URL string using Google’s Campaign URL Builder that will feed data into Google Analytics. 

By implementing these subtle changes, you can tap into your Google Analytics account and learn more about who is clicking on your Maps listing, and what they do once they reach your website.

SEO Mistakes to Avoid

No matter your level of expertise, making mistakes in Google Analytics can sabotage your data collection strategy. Some mistakes are common and easily remedied, while others are not. Here are a few typical mistakes that marketers at all levels tend to make.

Approaching Your Data Without Skepticism

Try not to accept your data blindly. Review data more than once, and then ask questions to examine what’s really occurring. If you trust your data after this scrutiny, it will help guide future business decisions. 

Not Integrating with Other Google Platforms

Google’s ecosystem is so beneficial because all Google platforms integrate effectively. 

For example, if you’re using Tag Manager and Analytics, many tracking solutions are as easy as plug-and-play. The same is true for Analytics and Optimize. It’s easy to integrate and analyze data, create dashboards, and share reports with your team. 

Do your research and determine which platforms and features will integrate well with your business. 

Ignoring Annotations

When using Google Analytics, annotations are notes you can utilize to add context to your reports. These details may not help if you’re a one-person team, but if you’re hiring new people and don’t have historical data, these notes are game-changers. 

Drive Growth in Organic Traffic

To stand out from your competition, you must become familiar with search engine optimization and what it means for your business. This is when using tools such as Google Analytics in tandem with Google My Business comes in handy. 

We understand that as a local business, you can have a difficult time determining the best course of action to take for local SEO. We’re here to help you. To learn more about the services we can use to grow your business, contact us and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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