A customer relationship management (CRM) is the base foundation nowadays for every business. It helps in maintaining your client’s data and get predictive insights which can provide amazing business results


With project automation, you will be able to deliver your projects with more confidence. It helps in increasing productivity by removing the dependency on custom code and manual process. It also helps yours in optimizing your resources for the right kind of projects at the right time.

Business Solutions

With SEOFM you can run your entire business with a single solution and manage different areas of your company easily. Automation has already increased the amount of data that can be available for any company. With these tools now you can make smarter decisions, and accelerate growth at a much faster pace.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and analytics is an important part of every business. Our scalable cloud tools offer built-in intelligence right where you need it. With real-time visibility of your organization’s finances, projects, clients, and you would be able to differentiate between success and failure very easily. SEOFM’s BI software solutions deliver advanced, rich visualization capabilities.


SEOFM’s business tools enable you to be more productive by seamlessly integrations with several important applications such as office 365 and providing familiar user experience. Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings together business processes and personal productivity together efficiently. Get your job done more productively and deliver better results.

Artificial Intelligence

Solve your complex issues with the help of our AI-enabled intelligent apps. With AI helping you in your business you are able to gain a much deeper insight into customer needs and behavior. It not only helps in detailed guidance but also helps in increasing sales and to make better decisions based on the useful data being collected.

Finance & Accounting

Dynamics 365 Finance tools help you in predicting real-time outcomes and make data-driven decisions for better growth for your business. It helps in minimizing costs and also to have a better budget control. With unified global financial reporting and embedded analytics, your business will have lower risk and decrease in global financial complexity.

Marketing & Sales

For marketing and sales its very important to strengthen your capabilities and expand your opportunities. SEOFM helps you increasing lead generation and create a rewarding business relationship with a seamless experience. You can also personalize and extend the capabilities of marketing by easily connecting with services and app you already use.


SEOFM helps you by simplifying your business needs. With the right kind of tools and total transparency, we help our clients to understand their business vision much better and complete their projects on time and with a lower budget. You can realize your business value faster and gain better insights into the right kind of data which can help in boosting your business. We offer managed Dynamics 365 services and it helps you transform the way you run your business


Our HR solutions will help you to take better care of your team. These tools help your employees to get the information on their own. It helps in centralizing your workforce data and to uncover valuable insights. These are scalable HR solutions that are easy to tailor, extend, and even connect to your existing systems.