SEOFM Business Intelligence

Today on one hand while automation has increased the amount of data available for any business, the volume of data is still increasing more when separate systems get connected.


The real challenge is, how to access relevant data in the sea of information, how to synthesize and analyze it, and how to derive reportable business insights from it.


Our BI solution can give you deep insights and meaningful reports that were once only available to a handful of enterprises.


How SEOFM can help you

1. By turning your data into a business opportunity

2. Help you in Making more confident and professional decisions

3. Help you in finding meaningful insights

Project Power BI
Microsoft Power BI is designed to be a self-service business intelligence solution. Power BI also integrates seamlessly with all other business solutions software.
Microsoft Power Platform

This powerful tool provides the ability to analyze data, build solutions, and automate processes. It also connects well with other apps and provides full support for most of your existing apps.

Insights from Your Data at a Glance

1. With Power BI business tools, you can monitor the status of your organization at a glance, view your business data and analytics, Analyze and visualize data, uncover trends and opportunities with simple and easily identifiable business drivers.


2. Microsoft Power BI also delivers advanced and rich visualization taking KPIs and charts to the next level and also drill down for more information. It Changes data interactively and explores data visually and finally creates and shares impactful reports.


3. Power BI also drives better performance by helping decision-makers take quick and confident action driven by our BI tools. It also helps in accessing specific data related to a task or role that empowers each member of an organization with the right information.