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Have you always wanted to run your entire business with a single solution that can boost up your whole business? Our Microsoft dynamic 365 tools will help you streamline the whole process and to make much smarter decisions.

service seo


SEOFM has years of experience in running the local as well as national SEO campaigns for various companies and a different niche, we can make your Local & National SEO campaign a great success.



PPC (pay per click) is one of the best ways to increase the website traffic and one of the very secured ways as you pay only when the visitor clicks your page. SEOFM has years of experience in running the successful PPC campaign and can help you in designing and running your PPC campaigns.

display advertising

Display Advertising

Display advertising is a great way of advertising today as more and more people are doing an online search for a business today. SEOFM can design and develop an eye-catching display advertisement for you and help you in getting fresh leads.


E-mail Marketing

Today e-mail marketing offers a wide and cost-effective method of advertising your business and you can deliver your message directly in the mailbox of your target customers at a very low cost. SEOFM can help you in designing and executing your e-mail marketing campaigns.


SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a great way of marketing today as you can deliver your advertisement directly in the inbox of your target customer’s mobile. Recent research reveals that most of the people, on average watch their SMS within 15 minutes. You can send your message to your targeted audience with just one click. 


Website Development

SEOFM has a team of professional web designers, web developers who are experts in both front and back end development. We use the latest technology to develop a mobile responsive website and with a user-friendly UI that helps in getting web traffic and lead generation. We design all sorts of websites including social networking and e-commerce.


Mobile App. Development

Today since mobile phone usage is increasing day by day, mobile apps are also being used increasingly. Mobile apps are essential for the growth of every business today. We can design and develop a custom mobile app to suit your business.

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A beautiful eye-catching design is the first thing that attracts visitors to any website. SEOFM has a team of expert designers who can create eye-catching and innovative designs for your website and mobile applications and help you in getting increased traffic on your website and increased revenue.



Today social media is a powerful tool to reach people. There are millions of users of social media like Facebook and Instagram. So, an effective advertisement for social media can have a great impact on your business. SEOFM offers a professional SMM service that helps you in increasing your business by many folds.



Videos have become a powerful tool of promotion for any business as most of the customers prefer video to text. Of course, videos are more interesting than the text. Since marketing through video is also very competitive today, we need to do the SEO of all the videos so that they occupy the top position during a google search. SEOFM offers a complete professional service of video SEO and help in ranking your video during an organic search.