SEOFM Retargeting Services

SEOFM has years of expertise in retargeting services. Display retargeting is marketing the content to the customers who have already visited your page but perhaps their expectations were not met. These customers are comparatively easy to be converted into leads with the help of a retargeted ad display. Re-targeting can increase the conversion rate by more than 50% 

How Do We Work?

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Tracking And Campaign Analytics

We do an in-depth analysis of the previous campaigns. We study every form of submission very carefully and analyze every phone call to understand the deficiencies.
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Make Up All The Deficiencies

Once the analysis is complete our team of experts starts working on every deficiency. Web designer improves the design of the ad to make it more attractive and content marketing professionals improve the content which is able to impress the users and convert them to leads.
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Convert Weakness To Strength

If the user who visited the page last time and did not convert to lead that means the page did not meet his expectations either in terms of design or content. So, once the design and content both are improved, the same user is presented with improved design and content there is a great possibility of conversion into the lead.
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Retargeting Improves Conversion

Our past experience shows that the conversion rate improves by more than 50% with retargeting display marketing.

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