Ecommerce PPC Management

For any e-commerce website, PPC (pay per click) is perhaps the most cost-effective and safe way to generate online revenue. SEOFM can help you in designing and executing your PPC campaign and help in increasing your revenue we have years of experience in doing the PPC campaign and proven track of success.

Keyword and ad research and testing

At the SEOFM, every PPC campaign undergoes continuous improvement and testing for continuous improvement.

  • Every campaign begins with keyword research for your website and your competitor's website.
  • We update of keyword and competitive research continuously.
  • We use the best competitor analysis technology to understand the strength and weaknesses of your competitors.
  • We do ongoing campaign testing that relies on a combination of the PPC industry's best practices.
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Shopping Campaign Optimization

A Shopping campaign is extremely important as a component of an overall e-commerce PPC management strategy. We do: 

shopping bag
Consistent Shopping campaign structure organization
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PLA-centric bidding models specifically designed for Shopping campaigns
We have a team of PPC specialists who are trained and experienced professionals and you can rely on them for the success of your campaign.  

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