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PPC Consulting Service by SEOFM

PPC is a great way to bring instant traffic to your website just at a single click. As a business person, you have two choices, either struggle to design and execute your PPC campaign yourself and waste your precious time or hire a professional PPC consultant who can design, develop and execute your PPC campaigns professionally and deliver you the best results. SEOFM offers professional PPC consulting services and will be pleased to help you.

PPC Consulting Services by SEOFM

As a professional PPC consulting company we provide comprehensive consulting services which include the following

Doing audit for an existing campaign that includes account settings, campaign structure, ad group structure, keywords, ad text, destination pages, and tracking
Designing the new PPC campaign
Creating the ad content
Doing the Keyword research and making campaign strategy
Running and monitoring the PPC campaigns
PPC conversion tracking issue identification
Creating a user persona
Doing the landing page audit — finding issues fixing them And any other custom help you need

Who Should Look For PPC Consulting?

ppc strategy 1

Those companies who lack a PPC strategy expertise, but have internal resources on staff to execute the PPC campaign.

ppc advertising

The company having PPC expertise, but do not have enough internal resources to get the work done on a PPC advertising.

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The company having PPC expertise but does not have enough internal resources to run a PPC advertising campaign month after month.

ppc service

A company that is currently working with a PPC consulting firm and want an audit performed to validate the results of PPC marketing service.

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If you fit into any of the above situations, you need the help of a PPC consulting firm and SEOFM is the right choice for you as we have years of experience in doing PPC and we can ensure a professional PPC service to you.