Why Should You Choose SEOFM as Your SEO Provider?

Managing an SEO campaign is not only difficult but a highly skilled task that requires an expert campaign manager to manage the campaign. We manage your SEO campaign with high efficiency to maximize results. 

At SEOFM we have a team of experts, who are able to do the best of SEO practices and take your website to topmost searches. We understand that the ultimate goal of an SEO campaign is lead generation for your business and revenue generation. We help you in achieving both the goals
At SEOFM we a team of highly skilled professionals who work on your behalf and they are a team of experts.

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These people are skilled and they create very formative and engaging quality content. People may visit your website due to any reason but they will always stay there for one reason-quality of content.

graphic designs

Graphic designers

It is the design which attracts user first then the content. So, our team of professional graphic designers uses their innovation to create an eye-catching design to attract visitors to convert them to leads. As you know only textual content may not be good enough to attract and retain the visitors to the page. An eye-catching design attracts and brings traffic to your website while good content helps in retaining the page visitors and converting them to leads.

web dev

Web Designers and Developers

Our web designers and developers will make all necessary changes in your website to improve the loading speed and remove the broken links. This makes your website search engine friendly and improves visibility during organic searches.

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Details of the Services Provided by SEOFM

Our team of experts at SEOFM will provide the following services which are important and necessary for a successful SEO campaign.


Strategy Development

The first thing we do is that we try to understand your business objective, products, and services. And for this, we will ask you a few questions also. This will help us in choosing the right keywords for your website.



The process of SEO starts with an analysis of the website. So, at SEOFM, the first thing we do is that we do the complete analysis of your website as well as your competitors’ websites, collect the data and use them to run the SEO campaign. We do an in-depth analysis of the competitor’s website before and during all campaigns.


Keyword Research

The quality of the SEO campaign always depends on the quality of the keywords. We do the in-depth study of keywords related to your business including the search rate and competition and chose the right keywords to make the SEO a great success.


Front-End Development

Our team of developers will make all the changes in the front end of your website to create tools of interactive tools like inquiry form, online calculator, etc. Which are necessary for lead generation and link building.


Back-End Development

Our team of experts will make all the necessary changes in the back end like rewriting the meta tags and meta description including the key words after careful keyword analysis. Creating Heading Tags Including the keywords. Re-writing alt tags for all images including keywords. This makes the website search engine friendly.


Graphic Design

Our team of graphic designers creates eye-catching infographics, landing pages and other design features that helps in attracting the users during organic searches and retain them on the page.


Content Marketing

During the organic searches, users will come to your page for any good reason but they will stay there only for one reason, the good quality content. So, our team of expert writers helps you in creating an engaging content including the keywords.


Link Building

Good quality links play a great role in off-page SEO and are the heart of off-page SEO. We ensure good quality link building on high PR websites, which we select very carefully after a lot of analysis only.


E-commerce SEO

At SEOFM We have extensive experience executing campaigns for e-commerce firms of all sizes and thus we will be able to help you in doing E-Commerce SEO.


Lead Generation

All the activities which we will perform for on-page and off-page SEO is bound to increase your web traffic will help you in getting the fresh leads and increased business.



SEOFM will give you all the necessary consultations to have a perfect start of an SEO campaign and running it successfully.



We provide you online reports of our work and all the supportive data of our work periodically.