eCommerce SEO is More Challenging

eCommerce SEO is always been more challenging than lead generation websites as e commerce websites generally have very large content. There are so many web pages which needs to be optimized. It is a complex activity and demands high level of expertise. SEOFM has extensive experience in doing eCommerce SEO and have the team of expert web designers, web developers, content writers and campaign managers required for this complex optimization.

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Challenges For an eCommerce SEO Company

Since eCommerce SEO is more challenging, the SEO company needs to have a team of experts. Web designers, web developers, and content marketing experts and campaign managers with excellent management skills. 

Some of the important elements of an eCommerce SEO campaign are

category 1

Product categorization

Every eCommerce SEO campaign needs a sound product categorization so that the search engine can consume them easily and also the users can understand them clearly.

keyword resarch

Keyword research

eCommerce websites require extensive keyword research as there is a huge amount of competition. We need to select a high search and mild to moderate competition keywords.

content optimization

On-site content optimization

It is an extremely important and ongoing activity for e-commerce websites as there may be a continuous addition of new products, new pages. Every page and every product are to optimize.