Local SEO Services

Over the last few years while Local SEO services have grown quite a lot, Some of the top local SEO companies have also immersed themselves in Web design and enterprise SEO. What we understand is that local businesses are having a difficult time determining the best course of action to take for local optimization. 

Following are the guidelines to help you work with a local SEO firm to create an action plan to drive more organic website traffic. 

The Mobile Search Explosion and Google's Evolving Response

Today Smartphones have revolutionized internet usage. More and more users are using a mobile/tablet device for internet access as compared to the desktop. It is essential for a website to be mobile-friendly to attract users and to keep them on your page. Google has also noticed this quickly and made changes in its algorithm giving priority to mobile-friendly websites. This calls for a strategic change in SEO practice and calls for a mobile responsive design for every website to be on the top.

Local SEO Challenge: Keeping Up with Best Practices

Over the recent past, it is observed that Google’s algorithm is changing very frequently making it very difficult to decide the best SEO practices. The solution lies in covering a few basics which are likely to remain constant.

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Cover These Everlasting Basics

mobile responsive

Make your website mobile responsive

Since mobile users are growing at an explosive rate, it will be almost impossible in the future to attract users without a mobile responsive design and google will always give priority to a mobile responsive design.

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Create High-quality content

Google has become very clever today. It is not only analyzing the number of visitors to the page but also analyzing how long users are staying on the page and google is giving a lot of weight to the time users are staying on the page. High-quality content is the key to making users stay on your page. So, one of the best SEO practices is to create high-quality content.

strong base

Build on your strong base

Build a strong base of backlinks as they will always be determining factors for the popularity of the website. Create high PR backlinks, Remove broken links since they negatively impact your google site score.

title tags

Optimize title tags

Since google will always give importance to title tags, it is important to optimize the title tags with the right keywords.

display city

Display your city and state

Display your city name in H-1 tags, site URL and content, this will help you to get local business.