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SEO Consulting by SEOFM

We help companies by doing a very comprehensive audit of their website and identifying the SEO needs. The entire audit and analysis are done by our experienced executives who have years of experience performing SEO audits and running SEO campaigns and improving your business. 

Do You Really Need SEO Consulting?

Many companies think since they are a specialized niche, they don’t need SEO to generate leads. Unfortunately, they all are wrong. We have analyzed many companies and we find many of them are in situations where we can help them. Here are some of the situations where we can help you.

  • Companies who have internal resources but lack SEO expertise, they have staff like developer, designers and copywriter but lack a vision for SEO
  • Companies that do not have internal recourses to execute the SEO campaign though they have expertise
  • Companies that need SEO but are not able to launch a monthly campaign, as the upper management lacks confidence, maybe they need some supportive data to convince them
  • Companies that are already working with an SEO vendor and would like to do an external audit to validate the quality of SEO

SEO Consulting Services Offered by SEOFM

We provide comprehensive consulting services, following are the details of services provided by us. 
Complete website audit
Keyword research and strategy
On-site SEO audit (identifying existing issues and suggesting solutions)
Backlink profile analysis (Identifying low-quality links/broken links and how to remove them) ​
Organic page traffic analysis
Organic conversion tracking issue identification
Target audience identification
User persona creation
Content marketing strategy

Penalty recovery