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Today Video is a Powerful Tool of Promotion

Today most of the consumers prefer video promotions as compared to the text as a video is more interesting and eye-catching as compared to text. With the increased popularity of youtube, videos have become the most preferred tool of promotion. But since marketing through video is also very competitive today, we need to do the SEO of all the videos so that they occupy the top position during a google search. SEOFM offers a complete professional service of video SEO and helps in ranking your video during an organic search.  

We have a team of experts who have years of experience in doing video SEO and will be pleased to serve you.

What We Do

Gather information about your idea

Do a thorough analysis of your video for the title, description, and keywords

Research for keywords

Having done the analysis, we do the keyword research for each individual video 

Put the top-ranking new tags selected though the keywords research, these tags play an extremely important role in ranking the video 

After doing the proper keyword research, we re-write the title of each video using the top keywords 

Rewrite the title of the video

Re-write the tags 

We re-write the description of each video using the proper keywords 

Suggest changes for cards and endscreen

 An attractive and eye-catching thumbnail is of the utmost importance for any video. The viewers may or may not click your video even if it comes in the topmost search depending on the thumbnail. So, we design and create an attractive thumbnail for each video  

Your YouTube Video Optimization Important

 There is a lot of competition today on youtube as there are a huge number of videos on youtube on any subject. People search for the video online and if your video does not come in the top searches, the viewer may not even look at your video and entire promotion though the video may fail.

Some more ways Video SEO can help

Asset 5

It helps in making the video search engine friendly 

Asset 2

It helps in ranking the video during the organic search

Asset 3

Helps in getting more leads and more business

Asset 4

Helps in achieving the objective of promotion

Start to Finish Video SEO Service

 We offer a start to finish video SEO service that includes
video contents
Audit of existing video content 
meta data
Optimizing metadata
thumbnail creation
Thumbnail creation 
Content rewriting 
Competition analysis 
keyword research 1
Keyword research 
publish video
Creating and publishing video 
promotions 1
Video promotion
seofm video seo mobile
 If you are looking for an agency to create and promote your video, SEOFM is the right choice as we can provide you a professional, start to finish service