SEOFM Helps You Grow Your Business With SMS Marketing

Today SMS marketing is one of the most popular and efficient methods of marketing as you can reach your target customer’s cell phone directly. You can send your product updates directly to your customers at almost no cost. SEOFM has years of experience in doing SMS marketing and will be pleased to help you in increasing your sales.


List of Popular SMS Marketing Campaigns


Birthdays & Holidays

One of the best ways to build loyalty and generate more sales, sending automated messages to your contacts on their birthday and the holidays. An SMS sent on a birthday can bring you close to the heart of the customer.



Reminder messages are a great way to remind the customers about the new offers and increase sales. These messages can be sent on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

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To Provide Leverage Email Marketing

Sending an SMS following the email increases the chances of emails being opened by a person. Research shows that most of the people open the text messages within 15 minutes.

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Promoting Sales & Offers to customers

Text messages are used to inform customers about new offers and sales. While these SMS can help in clearing the extra stocks, regular SMS help in creating loyal customers as they feel special.

Importance of SMS Marketing

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Increases Sales

Text message (SMS) marketing is one of the most effective tools to send time-sensitive promotional offers to customers and increase sales by many folds.

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Builds Loyal Customers

When we send periodic SMS to customers to inform them about offers, they feel important. This helps in creating loyal customers for the organization. They often wait for your SMS to get information about new offers.

If you are looking for an agency to run your campaign on SMS please feel free to contact SEOFM, we will be pleased to help you with our professional service.

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